Alltop_2Alltop just added a church section which listed the top blogs on the web and I found out that this blog is on it!  Since Alltop claims it lists only the “cool kids (and me)” I guess that is a good thing!?!  Actually, I was pretty pumped about that!  Alltop was started by Guy Kawasaki, Apple/Mac Guru, best-selling author and one of the top bloggers on the planet.  Guy is also a believer and I heard him speak at the Innovate Conference last year where he did a great job.  But back to Alltop which he founded.  It was explained to me that if Google is a pile of all the information on a topic, Alltop is a magazine rack of the best on that topic.  Another way to explain it is by looking at these two pics. There are about thirty some blogs on this list including some of my favorites!  So check it out!

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