Ok, this was funny…  Eric and I finished our breakout session at the WillowCreek Arts Conference, The Big Idea:  Creating a Healthy Relationship Between the Lead Pastor and Lead Artist and started walking toward the atrium to get some lunch.  As we are walking down the hall, we notice that Bill Hybels is coming our direction.  I’ve recently gotten to know Bill better since I’m in a group of eight leaders from Chicago with him; so we stop and talk for minute.  He asks what we were doing and we told him we Bill_hybels_2_4were doing a breakout on our book, The Big Idea.  He told us that he hadn’t got a copy yet, so Eric (literally) pulls a copy of our book out of his pocket and hands it to him.  Then Bill holding The Big Idea says to Eric and me, “Will you sign my book?”  So imagine this scenario:  Eric Bramlett and Dave Ferguson signing a book for Bill Hybels.  Made me laugh!

Ok, (just for fun) here is my question:  If Bill Hybels asked you to sign a book for him, what do you write in it?  Leave me a comment.

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