Alex_mcmanusI’m a big fan of Mosaic and the movement of new churches they are catalyzing.  I got to connect with Erwin in NYC last week and he told me they are starting four new churches in New Zealand and they have a church in South Africa that is larger than the original Mosaic in LA.  I’ve also got to spend some extended time with Alex too – and he is a very thoughtful missional leader.  One of the things that I admire about Mosaic is is their missional focus but love and open-ness to a variety of models.  I believe this is a glimpse of what future church planting movements will look like.  Erwin and Alex McManus have always done a great job of affirming a variety of expressions of church as long as it is striving to accomplish the mission of Jesus.  Alex most recent post is another example and worth a read:  Mega Church and Home Church Networks – Twin Trajectories and Why We Need Them Both.

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