Discover the Dream
God brought together myself, Sue, Jon and 4 college friends to start a new church in Chicago.  God gave us a dream to not only reach Chicago, but a dream that goes beyond that.  I believe God’s dream was for us is to be a “catalyst for a movement of reproducing churches.”  That dream continues to motivate us and COMMUNITY now has 9 locations with over 5,000 people in attendance.  But I believe that we are just beginning to fulfill the dream that God has for us.  Until now God has been introducing us to the world.  And I believe what God wants for us next is to impact the world.  The way that we will impact the world is through NewThing who is reproducing networks of reproducing churches reaching lost people around the world.  That is God’s dream for us.

So how about you?  What is your dream?  What unique dream has God placed on your heart?  On your life?  Or as you read these words, do you find yourself saying, “I want a dream. How did you discover what your dream is?”

If you are wrestling with these questions, we would like to meet with you. NewThing is hosting an event called Discover the Dream to help you discover the dream God has placed in your heart.  Join us on Monday, April 20 at Exponential Conference in Orlando, FL.

To learn more about Discover the Dream, look for Part 2 of this four-part blog. If you’re ready to sign up for the experience, click HERE.  But hurry, space is limited to the first 80 people who sign up.  In fact, if you sign up because of this blog you get 20% off!  Email to take advantage of this discount.

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