I have only posted once in the last five days but that is mostly because I wasn’t feeling well and then I was traveling.  But over the last several days I have had the privilege of interacting with some remarkable Christian leaders: Hugh Halter, author of The Tangible Kingdom, Pastor of Adullam Church Network and leader of Missio (and soon to be friend!); Ed Stetzer who is author, researcher and general church planting guru (and a really good guy!); Alan Hirsch author of Forgotten Ways, leader in the missional church and modern-day prophet (and hopefully a partner in church planting); Bob  Buford, founder of Leadership Network and author of Half-Time (and hopefully a mentor!).  If you are familiar with Christian leaders it sounds like I’m name-dropping…and I guess I am (actually, I could add several more!).  But I’m listing them to let you know that over the next few days I will do my best to post some great insights I received while hanging out with some of these terrific people. Check out their websites and stay tuned…

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