Tornado1_1The next stop during my San Diego whirlwind week was the National Pastors Conference.  It started by contributing to a Critical Concern Course on The Multi-Site Revolution with a couple of my favorite people:  Greg Ligon and Geoff Surratt. They asked me to come in and share about our Community Christian Church reproducing model.  As soon as that was over I hooked up for lunch to talk about publishing with some key guys from Leadership Network.  The BIG IDEA book was a part of Leadership Network’s Innovation Series in a partnership with ZondervanAfter lunch I had another meeting about publishing; this time it was with Baker Publishing.  I think more writing is something that is in my future.  It is another means that I can use my leadership gift.  I’m also certain that these meetings are going to result in other people on the CCC/NewThing team getting published.  That will be cool.

One of the highlights for me of the National Pastors Conference was my workshop on The BIGBig_idea_cover_12  IDEA.   The room was completely packed and some people couldn’t get in.  Even though this was only the second time that I have presented this material on The BIG IDEA in a workshop it seemed to really work!  We have been doing the BIG IDEA for the last eight years and I need to talk about what it was like when we first started it and our church was much smaller and we didn’t have all these locations so more church leaders can relate.  That evening I got invited by Zondervan to a dinner for authors. It was a little bit of an out of body experience.  I’m sitting at the same table talking with Henry Cloud and at the next table is Brian McLaren.  For those of you who know Christian publishing you get the picture.  Kinda like – how did I get invited to this party?

In addition to The BIG IDEA workshop the other highlight was getting to connect with with John Burke, Brian Tome and Dave Nelson.  These are all guys who are about the same age as me and who are leading large churches.  We just hung out on Wednesday night and then re-connected on Thursday morning.  I had other stuff that I was committed to doing so I couldn’t hangout all day – but I wish I could have spent more time with these guys.  Great guys!

The rest of Thursday was spent like this:  meeting with Paul Engle our editor from ZondervanPreaching_2 He had some good ideas for future projects.  And I just like him!  Then I did an interview with Micheal Duduit of Preaching Magazine on The BIG IDEA.  He seemed pretty pumped about The BIG IDEA and said that he was going to recommend it whenever he is out speaking at Preaching and Teaching Conferences.  Great!  After that I did my second workshop on the Reproducing Church.  Definitely my passion.  Soon as I finished the workshop I shot a quick videotaping for Zondervan’s PR department on The BIG IDEA.  Then I briefly metOutreach_2_1  with Lynn Marion of Outreach Magazine.  They have some great ideas for  bringing together leaders from some of the most innovative churches.  I think I want in on that!  And my day came to a close when I got together with Danae Stewart, an innovator and pioneer in the house church movement.  She got me thinking about some new stuff we should try out.

I’m just tired reading all this.  I definitely made the most of my time out here and hopefully made a difference.  But that was my whirlwind week in San Diego.

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