As we begin to have small groups, teams, and individuals engage more in the Jesus Mission in a personal way than ever before, as expected, we are learning a lot. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you begin to get “on mission” that others are learning:

Be patient — I know we get excited to get started, but remember to be patient as well. Sometimes it takes longer than expected to discover our group’s mission, or to hear back from an organization we hope to partner with, or to “listen” to what the needs of people/our community are. God doesn’t call us to move at a certain speed–just to be faithful and obedient. Don’t give up; keep pursuing it.

Be relational — There are lots of great ways to serve our communities (donating items, doing cleaning days for them, etc.). These are important, and we do pretty well at these as a church. But remember that now we are pushing each other beyond these to begin serving in ways that require us to interact with people (including those not like us!) and build relationships with them. Does your group’s/team’s mission allow for that?

Small is Big — Sometimes we think of “being on mission” as needing to be something big/flashy enough to write a book about (like starting a non-profit, etc.), but remember that often engaging on mission with God begins with simply serving our neighbors and co-workers in tangible ways. The people in our lives who are far from God don’t always need “big” things–they just need someone in their lives who is willing to listen to them, eat with them, pray for them, find ways to serve them, and share their story with them. These “small” things can actually be BIG ways to bring Jesus to people!

As we take new steps of faith we’ve never taken before, we’ll continue to learn a LOT as we go. So let’s keep sharing and collaborating. Leave a comment of things you are learning from your experiences.

(This post was written by and posted with the permission of Carter Moss the Small Groups Champion at COMMUNITY)

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