Jon_ferguson_2Nate, who is the Lead Pastor at The Village (a NewThing Affiliate Church) asked me today, “What was the smartest leadership move you made in the first year of Community Christian Church?”  I told him, “Jon Ferguson…making sure that I started this church with Jon“.  While I absolutely love what I get to do with Community Christian Church and the NewThing Network, I know that if Jon was not around it would become a fundamentally different experience for me.  I literally can not imagine doing what I’m doing without Jon as my partner.  I hope I never find out!

“Jon Ferguson” is not only my answer to Nate’s question, it is also the answer to all of the following questions:

  • Who is the one of the best developers of leaders that I have ever met?
  • Who still knows more about small groups than anyone I know?
  • Who was my partner when we started D&J Lawn Service?
  • Who is the other founding pastor of Community Christian Church?
  • Who is the Executive Director of the NewThing Network?
  • Who was my roommate in college?
  • Who is one of the authors on the soon to be released The BIG IDEA?
  • Who just started blogging?

If you haven’t discovered Jon’s blog, check it out by clicking HERE.  He has some great insights on leadership, the reproducing church and what is happening in the NewThing Network.  He also takes some shots at me and they start with the title of his blog,  VISCOSITY: Leading Despite The Resistance.

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