Follow_me_3I just finished the new book, Follow Me by Hawkins and Parkinson from Willow Creek giving the latest research and thoughts on the Reveal study.  The Reveal study is based on four years of research with 80,000 people in 200 churches.  It is fascinating material that is well documented and discussed in other places and other blogs.   I’m not going to give a review of the book; instead I want to highlight a finding that is documented in chapter 5:  Two Breakthrough Discoveries.  One of the breakthrough discoveries is this“The Bible is the most powerful catalyst for spiritual growth”. 

Now, some of you are thinking, “Breakthrough discovery?  C’mon is that really a breakthrough?”  But now3c_journals_4

ask yourself, do I spend time on a regular basis reflecting on scripture?  Do you?  According to their research the most influential spiritual practice at every stage of spiritual growth is “reflection on
scripture”.  I know for me that the most impacting spiritual discipline in my life has been using my 3C Journal while reading the Bible.  I’m currently finishing up the gospel of John and starting James in tandem with my small group apprentice leader.  I can also confess that my times of greatest spiritual struggle or dryness are most often when I’m not consistent about my Bible reading and journaling. How about  you?

Last year, I told all the people of COMMUNITY that if I had one wish for them it would be this:  “that every person would hear from God everyday!”  That is still my wish.  How do you hear from God everyday?  Read your Bible and reflect on it by using your 3C Journal. 

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