Author_3I had a great conversation yesterday with the lead guy on the creative team at Zondervan about our new book on the BIG IDEA.  We are supposed to have a title and subtitle by May 1st so that they can put it into their catalog that goes to 495,000 dealers (is that possible , 495,000??) in June.  They sound pretty pumped about this book and are wanting to get it out.  June is definitely sooner than what we originally talked about. Love it!

Here is the dilemma.  Ultimately the publisher has the authority to pick the title and subtitle but they really want our input and want to collaborate with us!  Zondervan is suggesting that we go with “The BIG IDEA” as the title.  They want to keep the title real simple and straight forward and then do something really interesting graphically on the cover to hook people.  I think that can work.  Where we are stuck is the subtitle.  We need a subtitle that is compelling, succinct and simply explains the BIG IDEA.  So, what do you think we should use as a subtitle? 

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