Dollar_bills_2Last Saturday and Sunday was our Celebration Generosity and one of the most amazing weekends ever in the life of Community!  We gave away our entire weekend offering!!  Yep, we gave away nearly a quarter of a million dollars.  The grand total was just over $229,000!

Last winter we felt like God was calling us to be an even more generous church than ever before.  As we prayed about this it became clear that we were to take one whole weekend and give away our entire offering to some other part of the Jesus mission both locally and around the world.  I am so proud of the people of Community for not only getting behind this, but giving so generously.  Our weekly budget for the Jesus mission is $95,000 and you gave way more than double.  Wow!  Thanks.  Let’s continue to become a more and more generous church who follows an extraordinarily generous God!

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