VisionOne of my two favorite events in the life of Community Christian Church is Leadership Community – our monthly gathering of leaders!  (my other favorite is baptisms) When we started CCC we began with small groups and a monthly Leadership Community.  It was one of the best decisions we ever made!  Every month I get the opportunity to stand in front of all our small group leaders, ministry team leaders, arts leaders, Kid City leaders and Stuco leaders and communicate what we believe is God’s vision for our church.  It has to be the best group to speak to in the whole world!  I remember Carl George telling me when we were planting CCC“Dave, the vision will die in 60 days, what will you do to keep it alive?”  One of our answers is “Leadership Community”.  If you want to hear my vision talk from our last Leadership Community, here it is to download: CCC Leadership Community Talk 2006-01  This particular vision talk is not special in any way; it is just the most recent vision talk I’ve given.  Hank Wilson, our NewThing Network church planter in Boston asked us to record and send it to him.  So here it is for you too.  During my monthly vision talks I try to accomplish three things:

1. Point to the next hill we are trying to take.  During these vision talks I will talk about the next big event or next location and how we are going to make it happen or get it started.  Usually I’m looking anywhere from 30 days to 9 months in advance and preparing our leaders for what is next.

2. Make heroes of leaders who get it right.  We introduce every new leaders, have them stand and give them a huge ovation.  At this point our leadership community sometimes resembles an Amway rally (sorry…but true!).  During my vision talk I will often try to catch some of our leaders “doing it right”.  By celebrating these leaders I am reinforcing the culture and behaviors that we want to see repeated.

3. Remind them of the who we want to be along the way.  Vision talks are not just about what’s next, they are also about the values that CCC holds very dear.  So during these vision talks I will tell stories that reinforce our values and challenge leader to live out our values as we strive to accomplish our vision.

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