1_x_6Three weeks ago in a post, I Thought Starting Two Sites Was Risky I told you about a couple churches that were going multi-site in a big way.  I got an e-mail this week from one those churches – Living Hope Church in Vancouver, Washington giving me an update.  This is amazing – last weekend they went from one site with six services and 3301 average attendance to six sites with fourteen services 7446 attenders at Easter.  Wow!

Another amazing church that went multi-site this past weekend is Lakeview Church
in the northwest suburbs of Chicago .  I got an e-mail from my friend Jon Ro giving me the good news about the start of their second site this past weekend.  The second site had 247 attenders at the grand opening – a great start!  But what was really cool was the ethnic breakdown:  45% caucasian, 45% asian, 10% other.

If we are going to really accomplish the Jesus mission – it will be through churches like these that realize the vision of reproducing!  Good stuff.

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