Ketchup1There are a few things that I thought I would post but haven’t taken the time…so it is time to “ketchup”!

I wanted to give a shout out to Travis Johnson, a church planter in Miami who listed me among the top blogs that he reads.  Thanks!

Tammy Melchien has an in depth post at Multi-Site Kids on how the Big Idea creative process works for our Kids City.  If you do anything with kids, Christian education or are interested in The Big Idea check it out.

I am really hoping with the new addition at our Naperville Yellow Box location that we will be able to do more stuff with sports.  We are adding a theater and this should make the gymnatorium more available.  Our Romeoville site is already doing some great stuff in partnership with the Institute For Community with sports.  Anyway, my buddy Warren Bird has a great post where he asks the question, “Does Sports Ministry Do More Evangelism or Assimilation?”.

One of our upcoming series, Silent Alarm was inspired by the book authored by John Blumberg of the same title, Silent Alarm.  John was recently interviewed by Moody Broadcast NetworkIf you want to listen to the broadcast you can click HERE and then go to 3.22.07 Silent Alarm.  And if you like the broadcast you will want to buy the book, Silent Alarm.

Time Magazine has an article titled, Making A Case For Teaching The Bible.  Interesting stuff.

Wednesday I’m going to the Mute Math concert at the House of Blues.  If you have never heard of Mute Math check out this video on YouTube.  Awesome!

Did you know that Will County was in the top 10 fastest growing counties in the country.  It grew by 165,950 people from 2000 to 2006?  Three of our eight campuses are in Will County.  Think we should start something in Plainfield?  How about Joliet?  Other nominations?

Justin_stevens_2I’m a long time David Letterman fan (yes, Leno is a good guy…just not as funny!).  Did you catch that long-time Letterman sidekick Larry “Bud” Melman died?  True.  🙁

Jon and I will be teaching a course at Wheaton Graduate School on Planting and Growing Reproducing Church (Download Wheaton_summer_course.pdf) on June 18-20.  Join us…it will be a blast!

And the pic is Justin Stevens, a leader at CCC-Pilsen after winning his first amateur boxing match.  Congrats Justin and bring on the Golden Gloves.

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