Tim_bakker_50k_puttThis may look like a leisurely putt by Naperville Campus Pastor Tim Bakker on his day off.  Right?  But NO!

This is a 100 foot contest putt at the Institute for Community Golf Outing.  And guess what happens?

Bakker sinks the putt and wins the $50,000!!!  The picture below is Tim’s impression of Sergio Garcia winning the Master’s!

I decided I was too busy and there was no way I could go to the IFC Golf Outing today.  Yes, I’m having second thoughts.

A few minutes after this happened I got a call and Tim yells, “You will never believe what just happened!”  He was right!   Congrats to Tim Bakker!!!  Not a bad weekend for Bakker:  his campus opens up a new facility, starts two new services, opens up a theater company, sets a new record attendance…and then wins $50,000!!


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