This past weekend we continued our series on Life’s Toughest Questions.  We let the people of Community submit questions on our website and create the series.  It has been a truly great series so far!

This week the question was, “What does God have to say about homosexuality?” That is a tough question.  I don’t think it’s nearly as tough a theological question as it is a relationally tough question.  The research amongst 16-29 year-olds who don’t go to church in the best-seller UnChristian concluded, “When you identify yourself as a Christian to a friend, neighbor, or business associate, you might as well have tattooed on your arm: anti-homosexual, gay-hater, homophobic.” That tells me that the church of Jesus has too often been theologically right and relationally wrong.

My biggest concern going into this weekend is that we would sound like we had all the answers but had no interest in trying to serve and love people who are a part of the gay and lesbian community.  Over and over again in scripture and in the person of Jesus it is clear that God wants to be not just morally right or theologically right, but also relationally right.  And if the church of Jesus wants to see God’s Dream accomplished on this planet we can no longer be theologically right and relationally wrong.

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