StoryofeverythingI think we are going to look back on our current series, Story of Everything and realize that it is one of the most important series ever in the life of COMMUNITY

Why?  First, I think perhaps for the first time since we started this church people are actually understanding how everything that has happened since before time until now and then beyond time is a story about relationships.  Yes, there is truth and yes there is doctrine, but all those things are a part of the story.  Most importantly people are coming to grips with the fact that everything that happens within the story is about relationships.  Secondly, I think our use of video curriculum along with our small group discussion guides have done a terrific job of reinforcing and explaining The Story of Everything. It is one of the best examples of how to use the BIG IDEA with adults at COMMUNITY ever.  Thirdly, the experiences that have been created at our weekend services have been outstanding.  Eric Bramlett talks about the power of laughter as it was used in The Story of GodEric also shares how we created a memorable experience the second week, The Story of Sin by having every one make a cross.

If you want to check out the Story of Everything, here you go:

Keep checking out the COMMUNITY website for the next four parts of The Story of Everything.

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