ZondervanI got an e-mail today from Paul Engle the Executive Editor at Zondervan with the first macro edit for our book, The BIG IDEA.  That was kind of cool.  I didn’t know how this whole editing process works, but I got the scoop.  First, they come up with a title, subtitle and cover for the book.  They do this part first so that in June they can put it into their catalog that goes to 450,000 dealers (that sounds like a lot!?!) who can begin to pre-order books.  After they get all the marketing stuff in place, then they begin the actual editing of the manuscript.  So, this was the first in a series of back-n-forth edits between us and the people at Zondervan.  So far, I’m digging the writing thing and the people at Zondervan have been great.  Paul Engle even came to our Coast To Coast Multi-Site Conference which was kind of cool.

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