Servolution - Dino RizzoThere is no doubt in my mind that if we are going to accomplish the mission of Jesus it is not going to be through power or strategies, but through serving.  As the church of Jesus we must follow his example, "I did not come to be served, but to serve."  One church that is a great example of how to be a church that exists to serve is the Healing Place led by Pastor Dino Rizzo.  And Dino has told the amazing story of Healing Place Church and how your church can become a church that truly exists to serve in his terrific new book, Servolution.  If you want to be a part of the next revolution in the church, this book is one you will want to read!

Dino asked me if I would be a part of his book tour and I was honored to be included. The following is a question I had for Dino and his response.

QUESTION:  How has Servolution been received internationally in other cultures, particularly in your campuses in Africa?

ANSWER:  Dave – thanks for being a part of the tour – and for all you and your church and the NewThing Network are doing for the Kingdom.  It’s an honor to know you.

I find it interesting how Servolution translates so well to other cultures.  Servolution is simply serving others with the love of Jesus, with no strings attached.  And from what we’ve heard from churches and pastors in other parts of the world, it just isn’t what people expect from the Church.  While I think that’s not good, it is all the more exciting to see how people are reacting to being served by those in the Church.

For example, our Swaziland campus took a day recently to serve free lunches to businesses in the area surrounding the church.  People were shocked!  It was such a reversal of what they’d come to expect from “churches” – they wanted to know more about a church that loved them with no strings attached.

The serving obviously sometimes looks a little different in different countries, but the heart and the impact is the same.  In rural Mozambique, our campus there gave away soap, tea, and charcoal in a recent outreach.  People were so thankful – some of them literally had just used the last of their soap for washing clothes in their tiny shelter of a home.  They received the gift of soap with tremendous gratitude and soon understood that it was no less than the love of Jesus that led our team to them at that moment.

Serving others isn’t a Louisiana thing or even an American thing.  It is a huge part of God’s plan for His people to show His love to a hurting world.

Thank you Dino for your great example!

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