242_cc_1I flew to Detroit and back yesterday to join in on a management team meeting for 242 Community Church242 Community is a NewThing Network church and is fulfilling the dream that we have for all NewThing churches – to be a reproducing church.  In just 23 months this church has grown from just a handful of people (who moved from the Cincinnati area & Chicago to Detroit) to last weekend where they had 881 people at their two celebration services.  Not only are they seeing rapid reproduction of leaders and artists, but they have already reproduced a second service.  And that is just the beginning!  As they look to the future they are hoping to add a second site within the next year and begin planting churches within that same time frame.  I love it!  I have been eagerly anticipating the day when the NewThing Network will not just be one network but will be a network of reproducing networks.  I think Dave Dummit and the gang at 242 Community are going to make it happen…and soon!

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