Experience_christmasWhat a great night!  We just finished the first of 25 Christmas Services at Community Christian Church this weekend. I was at the Naperville Yellow-Box location and the orchestra, jazz band and rhythm section were awesome!  They did a 30 minute pre-service concert and it was spectacular.  The only bad part about being multi-site is that even though I got to be at one location I missed some really great stuff at our other locations.  I really wanted to see Renea Taylor and our 50 voice choir (yes, we started a choir) at Romeoville!  And I love our 11 pm Christmas Eve Service At Montgomery…it feels awesome in that space.  And I hate to miss the first Christmas service at Yorkville or Chicago-Pilsen.  And Carillon always has the best hospitality.  And Naperville DownTown is the most missional and Shorewood is our fastest growing…? (Did I mention them all?) Since I’m not speaking tomorrow morning I will pick a CCC site…maybe CCC-Chicago/PilsenBut tomorrow night I’m back at the Naperville Yellow-Box for 5:00 pm , 7:00 pm and 11:00 pm.  And within 48 hours we will have had 25 Christmas services at 8 CCC locations.

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