Bicep_2Did you know that Big Idea teaching actually is geared for the male brain?  Read all about it in an article by David Murrow titled, Teaching For the Male Brain. The article is based on excerpts from his book How Women Help Men Find God (coming out in May ’08) and he writes, “Consider how we teach in
church. We send dozens of disparate messages each week. We expect people to
make major life changes based on these teaspoons of truth. Here’s an example.
Sam goes to adult Sunday school, where he receives a lesson about generosity
and giving. Then he reads a devotional story in the bulletin about the power of
prayer. Sam sings praise songs that focus on God’s love and forgiveness. The
sermon focuses on the importance of sharing your faith with friends and
neighbors. The pastor quotes twelve scriptures and makes five main points. Sam walks out of church and . . . forgets
everything he heard. In truth, Sam would love to be more generous, have a
better prayer life, experience God’s love in a deeper way, and be bolder in
sharing his faith. But his brain simply cannot work on all these things at
once. So, like a computer that crashes due to a data overload, Sam locks up in
spiritual neutral. 
Community Christian Church
may have found the answer. They’ve adopted a teaching strategy known as The Big Idea.
Simply put, CCC and
its affiliated churches focus all their weekly teaching on one main theme.
Every class, small group, song, sermon, bulletin insert, announcement—everything is focused on one concept
of the week. Men, with their highly focused brains, love this approach. They
walk out of church with one thing to work on. And this approach is spurring
parishioners – both male and female — to action.”

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