Last week Todd Rhodes (a really great guy and) author of one of the most popular blogs around Monday Morning Insight shared his reaction to visiting Community Christian Church.  However, Todd wasn’t there for weekend services; one of the reasons he was there was to observe the BIG IDEA creative process at work.  If you didn’t read it yourself, the following is what Todd had to say in his post:  The Big Idea – Upclose & Personal:

Many of you have read the book “The Big Idea” by Dave Ferguson, Jon Ferguson, and Eric Bramlett. This week, I had
the opportunity to visit with the folks at Community Christian Church and see
how “The Big Idea” works for them.
Essentially, the ‘big idea’
is this:  make sure that everything you do in your weekend service flows
together and works together to accomplish a stated goal.  Whether it is
the worship songs, the pastor’s message,The_big_idea_book_2

video elements, other music
pieces/montages… everything is picked to go along with a central theme.
At Community Christian, all other elements (small groups, children’s
ministries, etc. also pick up on this ‘big idea’ theme so that everyone is
communicating the same truth from week to week.  It’s a great concept… one
that makes a ton of sense; and one that I have often wondered why more churches
don’t do this more often. I think I know the answer:  it takes work!  I had the privilege of
sitting in on one of CCC’s weekly “Big Idea” meetings.  This meeting was a
gathering of all the technical leaders, worship leaders, arts people… you name
it.  During this two hour brain-storming session, they looked at an
upcoming service for the last weekend in May.  (Yes, the last weekend in
MAY… they are working that far ahead!).  They brainstormed (all 16 people
in the room; along with at least three on a phone conference bridge from around
the country) and talked about everything from music and videos, to song
selection, message emphasis, and how they would do communion.  It was a
very interesting process to watch. The end result was
a pretty-well planned out service some two months in advance… plenty of time to
let all the technical and artsy people ‘do their thing’… time for sermons to be
written, and even for things to change. It was refreshing
to see a church that puts that much planning and brainstorming into what they
present on a weekend.  The “big idea” is something that’s really working
for CCC; and with the book out now, many other churches will be able to learn
from how CCC plans and prepares their services. If you’re
interested, you can get a copy of “The Big Idea” here
Thanks Todd!

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