The_big_idea_bookIt was one year ago this past weekend that The BIG IDEA was published! It got a lot of great publicity thanks to the terrific people at both Zondervan and Leadership Network.  And in that first year we went through three printings for a total of about 15,000 books in print.   We also had our first two BIG IDEA Practicums: one at Community Christian Church in Chicago and the other in San Pablo, Philippines at Frontline Worship Center.  In addition to teaching on it at the Willow Arts Conference, the National Pastors Conference, Innovate Conference and the Outreach Convention I was asked to travel to Seoul, Korea and talk to leaders there about how to use BIG IDEA teaching.  That trip coincided with The BIG IDEA also getting published in Korean (which is very cool!). It seems to me that The BIG IDEA is gaining even more momentum a year later. Here is some of the latest stuff happening with The BIG IDEA:

So, if you haven’t got your copy of The BIG IDEA…get one now, by clicking HERE!

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