The_big_idea_book_1We just finished the interior design for our new book – The BIG IDEA: Focus the Message, Multiply the Impact.  A few things have really surprised me in this whole process of writing a book.  First, it cracks me up that the book is already for sale on since we are still finishing some editing.  I’m sure that every book is written and marketed this way – I just didn’t know.  Secondly, it’s funny that the book is currently #127,297 on the bestseller list.  (Hey, yesterday it was in the 300,000’s…I have no idea why that happened and what that really means??)  Finally  I’m really suprised how much input Zondervan has let us have in the whole design of the book.  We came up with the idea for the book cover and we have also been very involved in the design, re-design and re-re-design of the interior look of the book,  It has been great to work with Zondervan.  (Kudos to Paul Engle and Brian Phipps!).  The book will be available in February 2007…but if you want to order one now, you can check it out here – The BIG IDEA:  Focus the Message, Multiply the Impact.

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