Big_idea_cover_6I just got an e-mail from Mike Cook, our marketing director at Zondervan letting me know that he got the very first copy of our new book The BIG IDEA this morning!  Here is how he announced it:

Dear Dave, Well the baby is born.  She arrived on my chair at 8 am this morning.  She weighs about 10oz. is 198 pages long, and has blue “eyes”.  She looks beautiful.  Thanks so much for choosing to partner with our good friends at Leadership Network and with Zondervan.  It is an honor to work on your book, on this Innovation series and for this company…Here is to the Holy Spirit – paving the way, opening the eyes of people’s hearts – and to increasing the Kingdom as a result of this work…”  Thanks Mike for all that you have done to get the word out about The BIG IDEA and all that you are going to do to let the world know! 

I’m told that I should get an advance copy within the next couple days – cool. But more importantly The BIG IDEA will officially be available everywhere February 1st!

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