Lighthouse_sunny_shots_008_2Sunday night over two hundred of us gathered at the Lincoln Manor in East Aurora for dinner and to dream about how we could better serve this under-resourced community.  This 57,000 square foot facility built by the Masons back in 1922 is one of the dreams that we are exploring.  It has a lot of potential as a community center…but that needs lots of prayer!

The group that was gathered was mostly people from Community, but also included leaders from Warehouse Church, First Presbyterian and the city of Aurora.  I told the group gathered, “we feel called by God to serve this community and to partner with existing organizations who have been making a difference here for years.  And we need the expertise of business leaders, community leaders and other spiritual leaders to accomplish all that God wants us to accomplish.”

The highlight of the evening was hearing from Desiree Guzman (TRAF),  Kirsten Strand (Community 4:12) who have both moved into the neighborhood and then my friend Ed Bahler of the Cornerstone Knowledge Network.  On Monday Ed will be leading us through a visioning session to help us figure out the next steps in making this dream come true.  Pray for us.

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