Aurora North Campus launch (2)Today was an amazing day in the life of COMMUNITY!  Why?  Because of what God did and how He reminded us of the importance of not only being engaged in His mission, but also reproducing the mission.  Let me give you a few examples.

First, we launched the Aurora North campus (pic on left) with 388 people, many who are taking their very first steps back to God.  Steve Kerby and his team did a brilliant job bringing to life our eleventh site!

Secondly, our Montgomery campus is a remarkable example of a reproducing campus.  This campus averages about 450 in weekend attendance and over the last three months has birthed a bi-lingual campus in East Aurora in January and the new Aurora North campus today. When we did the math today we discovered a dramatic increase in our outreach resulting from the Montgomery campusThe Montgomery campus dipped to 370 today, while the East Aurora campus had 210 and the new Aurora North campus had 388 for a total of 968 people!  That is a remarkable increase of 516 people through reproducing new sites!  Congrats to Montgomery campus Pastor Carter Moss and his team.

And if that wasn’t enough, there is more!  A couple years ago, my good friend Troy McMahon after being on staff at COMMUNITY for over ten years was sent to Kansas City to start Restore, a NewThing church.  Restore, as a two year old church reproduced it’s second campus this weekend and set a record attendance of 727 with 504 at their Park Hill site and 223 at the launch of their Liberty campus.

It is experiences like this that make me really excited about the new book that Jon Ferguson and I have written, Exponential: How You And Your Friends Can Start a Missional Church Movement; I want to see other churches have this same kind of experience over and over.  And all of this is just another great reminder that every church and every site needs to not only be engaged in the mission but also reproducing the mission!

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