Craig Groeschel has a terrific new book out titled, It: How Churches and Leaders Can Get It and Keep It.

I remember after we wrote The BIG IDEA I was walking down Michigan Avenue in Chicago and I got a call on my cell; it was Craig.  He had just finished reading the manuscript for our book and he called just to tell me how much he loved it and went on to say several encouraging things.  He didn’t have to do that.  I tell you that to let you know the following:  not only is Craig a great leader and a gifted author but he is also a terrific guy who really loves Jesus.  When I got a chance to host Craig here as a part of his blog tour I was glad to say yes.  So below is my question for Craig about his book, IT and after that is his answer.

Craig, I love how you challenged us by saying, “if you don’t have ‘IT,’ you shouldn’t sleep until you get ‘IT’ and to fall in love with Jesus again.”  What if the general consensus is that most of the staff has IT, and some sites have IT, but we want EVERYONE and EVERY SITE to have IT? What do you do to foster the “IT” factor within your staff and at all your sites?

ANSWERDave, that’s a really great question. Before I try to answer, I want you to know how much you and CCC have inspired me. Your leadership and ministry is off-the-charts awesome. Thanks for writing The Big Idea! I loved it, and I recommend it often.

You said you want everyone at every site to have IT. (I’m guessing you’re talking about your staff members.) Honestly, I don’t think we’ve ever succeeded at having 100% of our staff totally broken and constantly falling more in love with Jesus and His mission. This might totally disillusioned a lot of people, but it’s true. With a large staff, it’s so easy for several—or many—of us to get distracted, neglecting the disciplines and devotions that keep us close to Christ.

Here’s what we try to do consistently:

  • Keep the vision red-hot. When we forget what we’re supposed to accomplish, we’ll unquestionably lose IT.
  • Talk openly about a team or campus that has lost (or is losing) IT. We’ll probe the leaders to help them discern what might be missing, and we seek God together for how to restore what’s been lost.
  • Foster a fun, chaotic, spiritually transparent culture. When ministry becomes dull and routine, a team will lose IT overnight.
  • Make sure leaders have IT. If a leader doesn’t have IT, their team’s not likely to keep IT. Right now, we’re arranging a trip to take all 13 campus pastors to a third world country to expose them to things that will break their hearts. When they come back more tender to Christ’s mission, their passion should overflow to those around them.

I hope some of these help. I’d love to hear from your blog community some of their experiences. Thanks for your friendship!

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