Brett Eastman interviewed a panel of business leaders and they gave the following advice to pastors and church leaders:

  • Cast a vision that goes beyond the four walls of your church.  This is a big world with big needs and we have tons of resources and education.  Cast a vision for how we can solve the problems of this world with the resources we have.
  • Get to know us as men.  We need to hang out together.  We are intimidated by you just like you are intimidated by us.  But we have a lot in common – pastors are CEO’s of their “business” just like we are the CEO’s of their businesses.
  • Don’t forget that men have a hole in their soul.  We can mask our hole with wealth, success and perhaps friends.  You helping that business guy to fill that hole will get that business leader working with you.
  • Form an “advice squad” of business leaders.  Keep this a loose coalition of business leaders who meet regularly and ask them, “what do you think God would have this church do?”  Don’t make this about the budget or a building plan.

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