While_you_were_outWhile I was out doing the stuff that I’m supposed to be doing (which does not include singing and dancing), I didn’t get a chance to tell you about some of the terrific stuff that happened this weekend!

First, congratulations to Kirsten Strand and Community 4:12 for getting the Award of Excellence from the Illinois State Board of Education.  Kirsten and C4:12 received the highest award that they give  for our work at Brady Elementary School in Aurora.  I love the way Kirsten put it on her blog:   “In a way it seems kind of silly that we are getting an award for doing what a church is supposed to do–transform communities.  And, in my opinion we have just BEGUN to work in Aurora.  I believe God has big dreams for CCC to impact east Aurora and other under-resourced communities in huge and powerful ways.”  Congrats to Kirsten and the hundreds of CCC volunteers that made this happen.  Well done!

Secondly, congrats to our Student Community who had a great High School kick-off event and record attendance this weekend!  They had somewhere around 280 high school students, a new record.  Good job Shawn and your team!!

Thirdly, I was out at CCC-Yorkville for the first of their two preview services and this new Community Christian Church site is going to totally rock!!  We are still tweaking a few things but overall we are looking really, really good for the opening weekend.  I’m praying for 300 people that first weekend to experience the good news of Jesus!  Good job Perry Martin and the gang!

Finally, I got some great news from 2:42 Community, one of our NewThing Network churches.  They started just 18 months ago and last weekend they had a record attendance of 667.  And like all our NewThing Network churches, they are still two weeks before IGNITE!  Can’t wait to see what these guys do on September 24th!

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