Jon Ferguson at Strategic Team retreat I spent the last 24 hours with the strategic team and campus pastors at our Lighthouse in East Aurora (where we will be opening our eleventh campus in January). We spent the last couple days dreaming about the future of COMMUNITY together.  First, what an amazing group of leaders, thinkers and lovers of Jesus!  I hope I never take for granted the caliber of leaders that I get to hang with everyday – great people!  And the one word to describe the next couple years we dreamed about is IMPACT!  If we can pull off the stuff we were dreaming about today, we will make an impact that is exponentially bigger and more significant than everything that has happened in the life of COMMUNITY to date. 

I like this pic because Jon is explaining the strategy for how NewThing could reach and impact 75,000-100,000 people through reproducing new churches in the next couple years.  And please notice Eric Bramlett in the background and how he is multi-tasking: listening to Jon, updating his blog and reading the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly.  Like I said, talented leaders!

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