I am still buzzing from the launch of the our new Plainfield site  I know Brad and his team have done everything possible to follow-up on all the people who were there last weekend in hopes to see as many of the 642 people come back this weekend as possible.  That is my prayer.  If you didn’t get the whole scoop on the start of our ninth campus in Plainfield last Sunday, there was lots of blogging…so check out one of the following posts:

  • Bill Carroll has the entire first service in video segments at Multi-Site Arts.  And then some more video from the rest of the morning at Community-Plainfield.  And if you can’t get enough, here are some more pics.
  • Jon was there the whole morning and he gives his take on the Great Day in Plainfield.
  • Tammy, our Kids City Champion was there for the entire day and she has her thoughts from a Kids City perspective with lots of pics of the New Campus!
  • Community-Montgomery Campus Pastor Carter Moss sends out his congrats regarding the Launch.
  • And finally, any new launch needs some controversy – Jeff is saying that “monkey” should not have been awarded the prize for the closest attendance guess on opening day.

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