Starbucks closed tonight

"Back to where we started" 

"Bringing back customer service"  Become so focus on speed that we don’t care about the customer and we don’t get the drink perfect!  The people that go through the drive-thru are consistently saying that my drink was wrong and that the barista didn’t even say "hi!"

My daughter just got back from the Starbucks "family meeting".  They closed all the stores for three hours all across North America.  Throughout the meeting was narrated by Howard Schultz, CEO.  "I know that I am working for a a fast food place, but they have some how got me thinking that it matters!"

They had a video of a customer and how she really likes the foam a certain way and how she had such a good experience.  Person loves Starbucks and now works for them.

Barista = coffee artist.

Pretend you are talking to the customer.  Make sure you recognize the customer.  Find a way to invite the customer back.

Training on the bar.No more re-steaming milk.  Stop time-saving measures to make a better coffee drink. Getting rid of breakfast sandwiches because it messes with the smell of coffee.

Meanwhile Dunkin’ Donuts gave away fee lattes while they were closed.

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