I love Community Christian Church.  I particularly love our staff team.  And when I try to explain what is special about our CCC team and the culture we have created it seems like I can’t fully express it.  It has to do with words like mission, community, interdependency, trust, creativity and collaboration.

Sherry Gossman was a part of our CCC team longer than anyone other than Jon and myself.  She moved this past summer.  We still miss her.  She is now a part of a great team at her new church, but she still misses us.  In her blog Lost In Omaha she has a post where she explains what she misses and in the process explains a lot about  the CCC culture.  Here is what she said:

There is something cool about working at CCC.  I always knew that. I loved every minute that I was there.  I always told people I loved my job and I thanked Dave for letting me play. I felt so honored that God chose me to be on such an amazing team.  So now I am on a new team and it’s different.  The God mission for me is the same, but the methods are strange.  I’ve never had a job that wasn’t interactive.  I like to be around people, work in teams, and collaborate on ideas. That is a newer concept here.  It is strange to see people in their single offices, with the doors closed, working alone.  At first I was excited because my office is different – it is open and there are 4 of us in a room (the size of half of the main office at CCC – it is huge.)  So I talked, and I made conversation and asked others opinions on stuff – and I clearly have irritated a few.  I didn’t see the invisible walls around the desks that exist.  I think some actually wish for the offices with the 4 walls and the doors that close so they can work alone and keep their stuff private.   So sad, they don’t know what they are missing in the chaos of CCC.  But is is more than just the lack of walls at CCC.  It is the feeling of knowing that everyone is radically dedicated to the mission.  Here, they keep track of your days off, because some people might take too many – they are stunned when I say that I came from a culture with none of that.  Someone asked me “How did you keep people from not staying at home everyday?” – I wanted to say to them “if you are asking me that question, then you shouldn’t be here”, but I didn’t, because I didn’t want to make too many enemies right off the bat.  But in my heart, I think they are in the wrong place if they need a time card or a paycheck to keep them coming in.  I can’t think of a single person at CCC who would just slack off for the heck of it and not work, the stakes of doing that are just too high.  Serving God and doing His work is a special privilege not to be taken lightly.

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