Silent_alarm_cover1If you ever feel like your life is doing you instead of you doing  your life…you should buy this book.

If you feel like you don’t have time for the things you say you value the most…you should buy this book.

If your life was to end today and you know you would have major regrets about how you spent your time and energy…you should buy this book.

There have been times in my life when I would have answered “yes” to all these questions and what I needed was a wake-up call to alert me to what I was doing.  This book, Silent Alarm is exactly that – a wake up call to remember what is most important in life. John Blumberg does this in his first book by telling the story of Jack a busy professional who through tragedy comes face to face with the most important things in life and has a decision to make.  It is a quick read and well worth it!

If you are in the Naperville area stop by Anderson’s book store today (Feb 28) at 7 pm for a book signing and the national launch of this newly released book.

John is a good friend of mine, a part of my small group and one of the coaches for our NewThing Network.  I am really proud him and the work that he is doing!

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