Dave_jon_at_07_scenic_10_2Almost every year for the last ten years Jon and I have made the trek back down to the south suburbs of Chicago where we grew up to run in the Scenic 10 Mile. It is a big race (about 1500 runners) that includes all types of runners.  You have your “I’m-trying-to-stay-in-shape” runners like Jon and I to some of the best in the world that they actually pay to come in and compete and run the 10 miles in about 47 minutes!

Most years Jon and I try to out pace the other brother, but this year we ran the whole thing from beginning to end together.  As you can see by the picture to your left I was more interested in playing to the camera than actually running the race.  So, we didn’t break any records today, but we had a great time.

Kudos to Community Christian Church’s Carrie Larson and Paul Warner who both finished ahead of the Ferguson brothers.  I think we need to see more CCC’ers out there next year.  Any takers?

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