Calendar_and_pen It used be every couple years.  Then it was once a year.  Now, it comes about every 6 monthsWhat?  The need to re-think and re-vamp my life.  And I’m feeling it again!

I’m sitting in at DFW airport in Dallas waiting for a meeting, but my thoughts are regarding something a successful business friend of mine told me last week.  He had gone to a conference that he was really pumped about and they told him that significance came as a result of success and success came as a result of stability.  In other words, there are certain things in your life that must be stable; and that stability brings success; and that success can be leveraged for significance. 

Now, there is a lot about that with which I disagree.  But I do believe that I need to stabilize certain core values and disciplines before I can expect God to continue to allow my influence to grow.  And that is what is bringing on this need to re-vamp my life.  It’s not an overhaul – cause I do hear hear from God; I do run and exercise regularly; I do date my wife; I do intentionally spend time with each of my kids…but it’s not stable.  It’s not as consistent as I want it to be.

So, I’m thinking about revamping my life so that I journal everyday; so that I workout and play basketball every week; so that I have a date once a week with my best friend; so that I spend time with Amy, Josh and Caleb every week.  I’m close, but not there!

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