Prompting_2_2I walked into one of our celebration services at our Naperville Yellow Box this weekend and took a seat toward the front on the right side of the room.  I was there a little early, music was playing and people were still filing in.  The seats quickly filled up throughout the room and also around me.  As we started singing Salvation Is Here I was introduced for the first time to a young women sitting next to me who was a newcomer to CCC.  Nothing unusual so far…

As we sang through the first song and into the second song I kept getting this strong impression that seemed to be from God.  And the thought kept coming to me, “I have something really big planned for her.”  This re-occuring thought was clearly about the young lady sitting next to me whom I had never met. I tried to focus on the worship but the same thought kept coming to me, “I have something really big planned for her.”  For three songs that same thought kept coming to my mind and I knew that I was supposed to tell her.  So, I did…

What I had no way of knowing was that the Big Idea that night was something that God meant specifically for her.  I also had no way of knowing that she had just decided the previous Monday for the very first time that life was worth living.  I had no idea about a number of things she told me.  And several things she told me seem to confirm that what I heard was from God and that I was supposed to tell her.  Wow!

The whole experience (and some parts I can’t yet share) was really amazing.

1. She left our conversation very encouraged and affirmed.  Since she sees me as a spiritual leader, those words were very encouraging to her and affirming of the direction that her life has recently taken.  The timing could not have been better.  I’m amazed at the power of well-timed encouragement.

2. I walked away from the experience reminded that God does talks to us.  There is knowing that God talks to us and then there is KNOWING THAT GOD TALKS TO US.  After that kind of experience it makes me want to listen more carefully and act more quickly on the promptings I get from God.

3. I wonder how often God is prompting us.  I wonder if God isn’t always talking to us and that only occasionally are we listening close enough to hear what He is saying to us. John 10:27 tells us, “My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.” 

This was one of those experiences that I will remember for a long time…maybe a lifetime.  I want to make sure that every day, every hour, every minute, every step of my life I am listening for a God who wants to prompt me.

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