Shamrox_1Last night I went to the first ever professional indoor Lacrosse in Chicago…and it was awesome!  Thanks to some friends who gave me the tickets I took my whole family and saw the inaugaural National Lacrosse League game in Chicago.  There were about 8,500 of us at the Sears Centre who cheered the Chicago Shamrox to a come from behind to victory over the New York Titans 15-12!  It’s always nice to beat any team from NYC!

My daughter introduced me to the sport when she started playing lacrosse a couple years ago.  The version they play in the National Lacrosse League is a combination of soccer, hockey and basketball.  It’s like soccer because of the field it is played on – but not boring, because it is high scoring.  It’s like hockey because it is very physical and there is checking.  It’s like basketball in the strategy and running of plays.  And in the NLL they have a 30 second shot clock that keeps it moving.  Seriously, if you get a chance to go – you should go.

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