Mcdonalds_sucksA few days ago I was blogging about the leadership lessons we can learn from McDonald’s for having a very clearly articulated career path that would be attractive to motivated young leaders.  I went on to explain how every business and church could learn from them the importance of a leadership pipeline.  Click HERE to read it.

Well, today the McDonald’s in terminal C of Chicago’s O’Hare Airport taught me another leadership lesson.  Poor service will clog your leadership pipeline.  Without going into all the details (of how I was greeted with disdain, ignored after I ordered and finally serviced like I was the problem and not the customer) let me say this was one of my worst fast-food experiences ever!  And here is the lesson I learned – a leadership pipeline will be clogged and of no consequence if you are not good at your core business.  If McDonald’s is not good at serving food in a fast, economical manner than it will not matter that they have a banner describing a career path in their restaurant.

How does this apply to Community Christian Church, NewThing and other churches?  We must first and foremost be good at accomplishing the basic mission of Jesus:  helping people love God and helping people love others.  If we are good at our core business; then our leadership pipeline is an important tool that will attract and develop more people to accomplish the mission of Jesus.  If we are not good at loving God and loving people, than all this talk about leadership is of no consequence!

Thanks for another leadership lesson McDonald’s.  This time I’m NOT lovin’ it!

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