Starved_rockTomorrow our Lead Team, Campus Pastors and Champions all take off for an overnight gathering at Starved Rock State Park.  We will have a blast.  We always do.  My hope is in addition to a lot of fun that we also come closer to narrowing down what we want as our top 3-5 initiatives for the coming ministry year (’07-’08).  I have spent a lot of time praying about this and have some ideas.  Our lead team as also had two all-day get-aways just to talk and pray this through.  So, this is the next step.  I am sold out on collaboration.  I know that God can give me good ideas; but I always trust the team even more than I trust myself. I think that is why God put gave us the church and not just individual personal salvation kits!  He wants us to live, thrive and experience genuine community.  I would love to have all of you praying for God to give us wisdom.

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