At the Coast-To-Coast Multi-Site Conference I did a workshop with Chris Mavity and Geoff Surratt on “Getting Started In Multi-Site”.  During the workshop I go through what we call The Seven Moves To Multi-Site.  ScooterPastor at Deo Gloria did a nice job typing up what I said, so if you are interested click HERE.

Speaking of Coast-To-Coast Multi-Site Conference; if you need a laugh – “my little brother” Jon and I did a short promotional video clip for the next conference that will be in Chicago come October.  Just for grins, click HERE.  Thanks Jason for the clip.

Speaking of Jon and I; we are going to be teaching a course on Planting and Growing Reproducing Churches at Wheaton College Graduate School June 18-20.  Here is a course description:  This course is a study of the principles for planting reproducing churches.  It is focused on starting new churches in North America that have an apostolic ethos of continual reproduction.  The course will survey biblical materials pertaining to church planting with an emphasis on practical theology.  Students will be equipped to plant reproducing churches in their ministry context and in the process learn about various approaches to planting reproducing churches and the resources that are currently available.  Students will be asked to read from a variety of church planting resources and will be encouraged to partner with church planting organizations and churches to develop their own strategic reproducing church planting project. Sound interesting to you?  Click HERE.

Speaking of reproducing churches, did you know that our NewThing church plant in Knoxville – Crossings is launching today?  Mark and Monica Nelson are terrific leaders and they have a great team.  I can’t wait to hear about the start.  The Knoville Sentinel had an article on them this week titled, New Church Ditches Traditional Trappings.

And speaking of NewThing, there is a new band that you should check out – Tommy Bowman Band. Tommy goes to CCC, is currently on the road but just started a blog you might want to check out called Worship Dependency.  I think the band is scheduled to lead worship at our Naperville Yellow Box location in March…stay tuned.

Speaking of on the road, take a look at a church in Seoul, Korea that is using our 3C’s (celebrate, connect and contribute): Onnuri Community Church.  Does that count as having a global impact?

That is not everything in the pile…but that is enough for now.

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