I love this photo.
  One reason is because this is a photo right after a baptism.  The two younger girls on the outside (Sarah on left and Allie on right) were just baptized.  Another reason is because the one in the middle is my daughter Amy who just baptized Allie.

But the reason I put this photo on my blog (besides being very proud of all three young ladies) is because this is how the reproducing church works.  Last Wednesday night Sarah and Allie were baptized as Christ Followers.  Allie, who is now a sophomore in high school was Amy’s apprentice leader for a junior high girls small group for two years.  Amy developed a friendship with Allie and basically asked her to watch her lead and love these junior high girls along with her.  When it came time for Amy to go to college this fall, she and Allie both felt like she was ready and she turned over the small group to her.  Now Allie is leading that group.  And because of their friendship last Wednesday Allie asked Amy to baptize her. 

Life on life; friends loving others together.  That is how the church is meant to work!

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