Perry_martin_1Perry Martin, the Campus Pastor at our newest Community Christian Church location in Yorkville sent out an e-mail to the whole staff giving us some of his impressions of the very first weekend.

My favorite response to the new campus came to me via Jon Ferguson who was there for the launch on Sunday.  A guy who wasn’t going to church anywhere but had been to a couple single events at CCC told Jon, “it’s about time you guys got out here.”  Could this be the beginning of a brand that appeals to the un-churched?  That is part of the dream – to create church that is so compelling that when we start a new site that people respond the way they would if a new Starbucks opened up in their neighborhood, “it’s about time you guys got out here.”  Love it!

Without further ado, here are Perry’s comments on the opening weekend at CCC-Yorkville:

Alright, here’s the scoop

  • Great vibe at the courthouse (meeting place for CCC-Yorkville)
  • The Yorkville launchers were incredible at getting the building/services ready.
  • Staff did an amazing job (kudos)
  • Most common reaction to service was the word “refreshing”.
  • Weirdest comment:  from an elderly lady, “We should talk about sex more in church.”  (Grandmas talking about sex is always weird to me).
  • Mailers were a home run.
  • Services went off without a hitch and people even applauded after each service.
  • We caught several people stopping at the entrance to the courtroom and uttering the word, “WOW.”  I think they liked it?!

Hang with me on this one:

  • September average attendance for the Montgomery campus was 463 and the September average for Yorkville preview services was 120.
  • After Yorkville’s launch the numbers at each campus were:  Montgomery 515 and Yorkville 356.
  • By reproducing a new campus we grew by 288 people in one weekend!

A big thanks to Carter Moss and the peeps out at Montgomery campus.  Thanks for letting us (mainly me) get my feet wet and learn the ways of the Jedi…I mean CCC with you all.  You guys rock!!!  I don’t what else to say except, thanks for your prayers and your support.


Good stuff!  Good God!

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