Verge-conferenceLast week I had a great time with our crew from COMMUNITY and NewThing to travel to Austin, Texas for the Verge: Missional Community Conference I am convinced that what was discussed there will have a huge impact on the American church in the next two decades.

I was asked to speak at a main session on Creating Apostolic Environments and something I said made headlines.  Check out the title on this story from the Christian Post.

What did I say?  I told a few stories and then laid out 5 ways to foster apostolic environments; the first being “Ordain Every Christ Follower.”  I told about how we offered to ordain people last November at the end of our IMPACT series.  On that weekend we simply taught from I Peter 2:9, “You are a chosen people.  You are a royal priest…you can show others the goodness of God…”  I repeated what Gods word already said, “You are a priest.  There is a particular person, people or a place that God has called you to impact; if you believe that and want our blessing come forward so we can pray for you, anoint you and ordain you.”  In that moment there was clear sense of God’s approval.  As a result we had a couple thousand people that came forward to be anointed and ordained.

What does it say when you do something so clearly biblical like offer to ordain every follower of Jesus for ministry that it makes a headline?

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