BookThe closer it gets the more pumped I get!  Zondervan gave us a finish line of January 31 to get our first manuscript in for “What’s The BIG IDEA?” and I have been hustling the last several weeks to make it happen.   In many ways it is harder to write than I thought, but I also think I can improve on the process and do even better next time!  I’m writing this along with Jon Ferguson and Eric Bramlett; which of course makes it a ton more fun!  I signed the contract today which was not very eventful.  Seems like it ought to be a big deal…but I just signed it and then Pat (my assistant) stuck it in the envelope and it got mailed.  So, this is how I’m celebrating…by blogging about it!  (What  party animal!?!)  We are doing something a little different and creative with all the funds we get from publishing at CCC/NewThing.  We are setting it up so that the author(s) will get 50% of the contract and the remaining 50% will be split between NewThing (church planting) and a Fun Fund that is divided between the staff at the end of the year.  Why?  Couple thoughts…

1. It looks like some of us at CCC and NewThing will get opportunities to write and publish in the future and it doesn’t seem fair that a few should benefit from the hard work of us all.  I know that I will be telling the CCC story, championing the cause of the Reproducing Church and encouraging people to “help people find their way back to God”.  And all this happened at CCC and is because of the tremendous staff, leadership and people of CCC.  I am not solely responsible for the faithfulness of this amazing community of people so I want us all to benefit in influence and finance.  It probably won’t be much, but it still more fun for everyone to have a couple hundred dollars more at the end of the year than just one of us.

2. I love the team we have at CCC and I would like to keep this team together.  The last thing I want is to cause resentment on the part of others.  And I need to be careful about greed on my part. I think by sharing in the successes that we have all created it will allow us to continue to be a great team.

So, today is kind of a big day.  Just thought I’d let you in on it. 

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