Noc_speakgif150x158_000I’m pretty excited about some of the speaking opportunities that I am getting over the next 6 months.  Most of my speaking focuses on topics of great passion: becoming a reproducing church (multi-site & church planting), leadership, innovation or The BIG IDEA.

However, in November I’m going to be doing a Featured Sessions at the National Outreach Convention on a different topic that is a growing passion of mine.  I’ll be speaking on Decisions vs. Disciples and here is a brief description of my session: “If we are serious about accomplishing the mission of Jesus we can no longer be satisfied with “raise your hand”, “sign a card” or “walk the aisle” decisions. Every church and leader that is on mission with God sees the need to move people toward becoming Christ Followers who love God, love God’s people and love God’s world. In this workshop you will make three discoveries: 1. a process for how to develop followers of Jesus; 2. a metric that allows church leaders to track individuals and a church’s spiritual development; 3. a church that can accomplish the mission of Jesus.” 

The National Outreach Convention is November 5-7 in San Diego, California.  It is a great place to connect with other leaders and once again they’ve put together a great line-up of speakers.  If you decide to come to the NOC check out my session.

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