Luggage_2Yes, the saga continues…I’m still without my stuff!  I’m glad to see that through my last post I was able to guilt-trip a little bit of sympathy out of some of you. Thank you.

Well, I’ve tried to rely on Kenya Air and Kigali International Airport for help – that got me no where.  Some of the locals have taken up my cause and also failed.  I was online and on the phone for a good part of the evening and so far I struck out.

Now I need your help.  So here is the deal:  if any of you can get my luggage back to me before I leave here on Saturday – dinner is on me!  Seriously, if you can find a way to get my luggage to me in Kigali, Rwanda I will treat.  Here are the details of how I got where I am right now:

  • Depart:  July 29 on KLM #612 from O’Hare @ 4:40 pm.  Arrive: Amsterdam @ 7:35 pm
  • Depart:  June 30 on KLM #4341 from Amsterdam @ 9:05 pm.  Arrive:  Nairobi @ 6:30 am
  • Depart:  July 1 on Kenya Airways #1107 from Nairobi @ 8:00 am.  Arrive:  Kigali @ 8:20 am

Just get me my luggage and make sure they mention your name or somehow you get credited for it.  If you can get me my stuff I’ll even throw in dessert!!  (Big spender!)  Any takers?

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