CarrollsNewThing is going to France!  Bill and Rachel Carroll and their 2 children, Natalie & Will, will be moving in July 2009 to plant the first of many reproducing churches in France.  Bill came on staff with COMMUNITY in 1997 to help prepare for the launch of our second campus in Romeoville. Since then, Bill and Rachel have dreamed of launching this kind of reproducing church in France.  France is truly a post-Christian country where less than 1% of the population would consider themselves Christ-followers.  After hundreds of years of wars fought in the name of religion and corruption within the church, the French people lost their trust in the church and have since lost a belief in God. Bill and Rachel are both very talented leaders and artists and will be missed immensely.  But it is the Carrolls’ passion to share the hope & love of Jesus with the French people and we support them fully. If you want to follow along on Bill and Rachel’s adventure they have a blog, The Carroll Family in France.

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